The best ways to backup photos on Mac

How to make backup of iPhone on Mac OS

If you wish to make a backup of your iPhone 5/6/7/8/X/11 data, you may use different software for these purposes: iTunes or iCloud. However, it’s not so easy even for advanced users to make backups of iPhone on Mac OS and it goes without saying, that the opposite action – to recover data from Mac OS on iPhone/iPad is much more difficult. At the same time, it will be smart to have such a backup, as there is always a risk to lose your important and sentimental files. If you need to backup photos from iPhone on Mac, or to restore them, please read our useful guide below.

transfer photos from iPhone to external hard drive on windows

Article’s Guide

  1. Back up with recommended solution
  2. Back up with iCloud
  3. Back up with your computer
  4. Back up with iTunes

Recommended Solution

We have a simple and modern solution, that really can help you to backup your photos fast and simple. iMazing has a wide range of functions: you can export photos from iPhone or iPad to computer, powered by Mac OS, and also from computer to iPhone/iPad. Moreover, you will get the opportunity to transfer data from iTunes, iCloud, to other Clouds: Samsung Cloud, Mi Cloud, etc.; to PC/Mac, external drives, flash and other USB drives. Just download it on your computer, and follow instructions below.

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You could share your photos without any limitations and manage all your cloud services from PC/Laptop. Moreover, iMazing allows you to manage your videos, music, and ringtones, download any data files to Smartphones with Android and iOS devices through wi-fi or cable. Also, you can share your media between Tablets with Android (or iOS) systems in one single app!

Click Get iMazing button on your PC or Laptop. Then, choose your language and install iMazing. You can follow the guide below to backup photos from iPhone to Mac OS without iTunes.

How to backup photos with iMazing?

  1. Download and run iMazing installation
  2. Connect your External Hard Drive to PC/Laptop via USB cable
  3. Run iMazing icon from your desktop
  4. Go to the “Backup” folder
  5. Connect your iPhone to computer via iPhone lighting cable
  6. iMazing will offer you to tap trust this computer – tap it on your iPhone, and press continue button on iMazing
  7. Choose the category you want to transfer and then click the “Start” button
  8. If you want to change backup folder, go to the settings and change it.

Note: if you still have questions or something is not clear, write about it in the comments. We will help you in no time.

iMazing supports importing of Camera Roll photos, PhotoStream, Photo Libraries, photos from iTunes, photo albums, etc. When the transferring process will be finished, all your photos from iPhone will be saved in the selected folder. Note, that trial version allows to transfer no more than 30 files per day. This solution is suitable for Windows XP/7/8/10.

How to backup photos with iCloud?

Nowadays, Apple promotes iCloud service, as a backup tool. It’s rather simple to backup your photos with it, however, if you face the fact, that you are out of memory, you’d better choose our recommended solution. Moreover, the process will be canceled, if you run out of memory. So, we cannot characterize this method as a reliable one.

  1. Connect your device to a Wi-Fi network.
  2. Go to Settings, tap on the name of your device, and then choose iCloud.
  3. Choose iCloud Backup.
  4. Choose the Back Up Now option. Stay connected to your Wi-Fi network until the process completes.

Remember, there is a chance, that there is no enough available space in iCloud for the backup. You’d better check it beforehand.

How to backup photos without iTunes

This method is rather inconvenient and slow one, as it requires manipulations with your hard drives. Moreover, the process may become interrupted due to unforeseen reasons. However, it can be suitable for you.

Manual solution for Mac OS

  1. Connect your iPhone/iPad Device To Your Mac/MacBook via lighting cable
  2. Launch Image Capture app
  3. Find your iPhone/iPad in the left bar and open it
  4. Choose all the photos on your iPhone/iPad and select destination for transfer
  5. Press Import

How to backup photos using iTunes

This method is rather difficult to execute, however, it’s a reliable one.

  1. Connect your iPhone/iPad and Hard Drive to the computer
  2. Open Itunes app
  3. Click on the Device button
  4. In the opened window, choose your Photos
  5. Press Sync Photos, select folders you’d like to import and the destination folder
  6. Then press Apply and Done buttons

Note: if you’ve enabled iCloud photo synchronization, you will have to disable this function in the Settings

COCNLUSION: in this article we’ve mentioned all the best ways to backup your files on Mac OS. If you’re out of time and it’s necessary for you to be sure, that everything will be completed perfectly, we strongly recommend you to use our automatic solution and install iMazing!

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