How to remove Gvlbsjz ransomware and decrypt “.gvlbsjz” files

What is Gvlbsjz? It goes without saying, that the internet nowadays is overfilled with various threats. Internet researches report about new dangers every day and now we are going to tell you about Gvlbsjz ransomware. This virus is brand-new and that's why it doesn't belong to any already know file-encryption ransomware family. You can easily face this infection with this virus while surfing the internet, because hackers use various tricks to spread it. Generally hackers spread Gvlbsjz ransomware Read more [...]

How to remove TRAPGET ransomware and decrypt “.TRAPGET” files

What is TRAPGET? Recently internet researchers found a new threat called TRAPGET ransomware. The characteristic feature of this virus is the ".TRAPGET" extension, which replaces original extensions of encrypted files. As it's been reported, TRAPGET belongs to NEFILIM file-encryption ransomware family. The viruses that belong to this family spread very fast and have already damaged thousands of computers. Talking about TRAPGET ransomware, hackers usually spread it by the means of direct attacks. Read more [...]

How to remove CRPTD ransomware and decrypt “.CRPTD” files

What is CRPTD? Recently internet researchers reported about a new internet threat, that can potentially infect thousands of computers. This threat is called CRPTD ransomware. It belongs to the GlobeImposter file-encryption ransomware family. Mainly CRPTD spreads by the means of fake installers, which criminals distribute through numerous free file sharing services and torrent trackers. Moreover, hackers can infect computers through the open remote access ports and even by the means of simple Microsoft Read more [...]

How to remove Zhen ransomware and decrypt “.zhen” files

What is Zhen? Nowadays, the internet security becomes the one of the most important questions of our everyday life. It goes without saying, as we use computers and the internet to study, to work, to keep our memories safe or to just have fun. However, it's not safe at all, as hackers create new threats nearly every day. And the one of the newest threats is called Zhen ransomware. However, it doesn't belong to any already known ransomware family, it can easily become the one of the most widespread Read more [...]

How to remove DMR64 ransomware and decrypt “.DMR64” files

What is DMR64? It's very dangerous to surf the internet nowadays. There are millions of various viruses which can easily ruin your working, study process or even your personal life. The one of them is DMR64 ransomware. This virus is a brand-new version of BigBobRoss ransomware, the activity of which last time was detected on December. DMR64 has a potential of becoming the one of the most widespread viruses nowadays, because hackers use a variety of tricks to spread it. In the most cases, criminals Read more [...]