How to remove from Mac may appear in a browser without user’s consent. It will forcibly replace the original homepage and search engine, that is the main reason why Weknow extension is considered as a malware (malicious software). The developers of this app are using shady methods of distribution, like bundling. Use this simple guide to remove from your Mac.

How to remove (Mac) may become your new homepage without your knowledge, that is why PC security experts categorize this extension as a malware, because of its sneaky ways of distribution. Though this extension is trying to create an impression of a sound Internet search engine, you should know that it will get your browser configurations modified and spoil your browsing experience with constant redirection and sponsored by third-party advertisement. That’s why we strongly recommend you to remove as soon as possible.

How to remove is a Mac infection which is used to promote questionable 3rd-party apps such as MacKeeper. This malware penetrates the system with the help of freeware programs that don’t provide proper disclosure of additional components coming with them. Once installed, it corrupts browser’s settings making users use instead of a preferred search engine.