How to remove “I Hacked Your Device” scam

What is "I Hacked Your Device"? Nowadays criminals use a great many of tricks to get the profit. Very often people face various viruses, malicious software or suffer from stealing of the data. However, sometimes criminals don't even infect devices. If you've received an email that begins with the phrases similar to "I hacked your device, because I sent you this message from your account", "I hacked your device and then got access to all your accounts", "Your de​vice​ was hacked by us and we​ Read more [...]

How to remove AllMoviesSearch hijacker

What is AllMoviesSearch? If you have faced with the fact, that your browser constantly redirects you to the web page, it means that your computer is infected with the AllMoviesSearch browser hijacker. As the rule, such malicious programs are distributed by the means of bundles or fake installers. In the first case the infection happens because of the unclear installation terms. That's why generally victims don't know what they allow to install. For the second way hackers Read more [...]

How to remove StreamItSearch hijacker

What is StreamItSearch? We think that our browsers are our own castles. However, it's partly true. Sometimes something happens with them and our internet surfing becomes very dangerous. The reason of it is hijackers. And in this article we are going to tell you about StreamItSearch hijacker. If your internet searching activity is redirected to StreamItSearch services, your computer is infected with the hijacker. Such malicious programs are usually distributed by the means of fake installers or bundles. Read more [...]

How to remove hijacker

What is Every day millions of users visit hundreds of millions pages. We share our opinions, perform our job, study something new or just have fun. But sometimes we have to face with threats, that overcrowd the internet. The one of such threats is hijackers. And in this article we are going to tell you about hijacker. This virus is represented by the browser application and website. As the rule, infects computers by the means of bundles. Read more [...]

How to remove QuickSearchTool redirections

What is QuickSearchTool? Nowadays, the internet is the greatest part of our life. We spend a lot of time on there and the importance of internet security is hard to overstate. However, sometimes we face various threats and the one of them is QuickSearchTool. This threat is represented by the website and application for the browser. So, if your browser redirects you to the website, your computer is probably infected. As the rule, such threats as QuickSearchTool hijacker Read more [...]