How to remove hijacker

What is If you face the fact, that the home page and preferable search engine of your browser have been changed to the services, it means that your computer is infected with a hijacker. Mostly hijacker spreads by the means of bundles. Hackers compile various software into one installer, makes the terms of its installation unclear and then share it as free software packs or cracked ones. Sometimes hackers even create fake installers and promote Read more [...]

How to remove Stop code: CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED | Error Report

What is Stop code: CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED | Error Report? Stop code: CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED | Error Report is a message by the means of which hackers try to force a victim to make a call to them. This webpage looks like an official message from Microsoft company. This site aims at the assuring people, that something is wrong with their deceive and it's necessary to make this call. Such tricks are common for scam websites, the functions of which force the user to stay on this page. The source of the Read more [...]

How to remove ads

What is is represented as a web player on pause. If this website is visited for the first time it will offer to accept "Show notifications". Someone can suppose, that accepting it will begin the video, but it won't. This website is a simple compilation of images and there is no a real video. This website is a safe one, but the notifications from it are not. Such ads usually promote questionable or even dangerous software. Sometimes these messages direct the Read more [...]

How to remove hijacker

What is is represented by a website with a built-in search engine. This web page doesn't look suspicious, however, it's not so harmless as it can be seemed for a simple user. It goes without saying, that people are redirected to this website. These redirections are provided by a hijacker. The main functions of this type of software are to collect all possible information about the user and provide him or her with a great amount of advertisements and redirections. hijacker Read more [...]