How to remove System Care Pro PUA

What is System Care Pro? Nowadays criminals use a great variety of tricks to make a profit. They use various viruses and software, which can potentially be dangerous. Among such malicious programs we can find System Care Pro. We classify this program as a Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA) as users usually install this program accidentally. When System Care Pro is installed, it will offer you to scan your system for potential problems. If you agree to scan your system, it will display a number Read more [...]

How to remove programs and pop-ups

What is This site is represented as a free file sharing service. You can download a file and then you will get the link to share this file. might seem as a trustworthy website, but it's not. When you upload your files to this service, it compiles them into executable files. If you follow the link, you will see various advertisements. Moreover, the site will offer you to accept to receive notifications from Let's talk about the files. As the rule such sites are Read more [...]

How to remove TaskBrowser PUA from Mac OS

What is TaskBrowser? TaskBrowser can be characterized as a Potentially Unwanted Application. As the rule such soft is installed unnoticed by victims due to the ways it spreads. As the rule, criminals compile various software together with TaskBrowser into one pack and then share it as a free or cracked software pack. The terms of installation in this case are very unclear, so the victims don't even suppose, that they allow to install TaskBrowser application themselves. Sometimes hackers also create Read more [...]


What is OBERONBOOSTER? OBERONBOOSTER is promoted as a useful software, that can fix various system problems. As the rule, OBERONBOOSTER spreads by the means of bundles. Hackers compile various installers into one pack, make the term of its installation as unclear as possible. That's why victims don't even know what they allow to install. Then criminals share such packs by the means of free file sharing services and torrent trackers. Such installers, as the rule, are described as free or cracked Read more [...]

Your IP address has been randomly selected to collect FREE iPhone XS scam

Is your IP address has been really selected to collect FREE iPhone XS? Unfortunately, you've just faced a scam message. It has been recently reported, that a great many of the users received the message from Such messages as: "Your IP address has been randomly selected to collect FREE iPhone XS", are not rare nowadays. By their means criminals lure victims to call to their number. Then the script can vary. In the first case, this call will cost you plenty of Read more [...]