Privacy Policy

This original privacy policy document expresses our thoughts and conditions for your private data and confidentiality. If you use or visit our website, then you agree with the items of the original Privacy Policy by default.

Gathered information

This website collects the following users’ information:

  1. The information that is needed to register users in forum
  2. The personal data that is required to add a comment to the articles
  3. The information that will be specified to contact us in the feedback form

Email addresses that you enter in the required fields will not be passed or send to third party, if it is not required by law. It is impossible for use to save your personal information if you type it in the fields that are for public display, such as the field of the comment text or posts on forum.
We use Google Analytics service in order to make this website better and to solve different problems. Google Analytics uses cookies.


  1. use cookies, allowing you to be logged in, for example to write posts on our forum.
  2. Google Analytics uses cookies in order to identify visitor arrival source or provide customized browsing experience. We are not informed about the data that they collect and so we are not responsible for it. You can disable cookies, if you want or allow them one by one.

Data protection

We respect your private information and will do everything to protect it from third parties. We will use all the possible technical, administrative and security measures to save your information in order to protect your privacy. The information, gathered by us will not be used improperly.But we also are not responsible for the cases when the sensitive data of our users is gathered illegally by hackers and other cybercriminals. We cannot promise to protect you private information if you post them in public on our forum or in comments or send it to our other users. We can disclose your personal data in the case when it is required by law, for government or juridical institutions. This information is given for you to think it over and to weigh the advantages and disadvantages if you are going to publicize your sensitive data.

Linked sites

We have some links on this website. These links leads to respected sites (except the websites, links to which are posted on forum by our users, we cannot guarantee their quality and decency), but we are not responsible for the items in their Privacy Policy and for their intentions concerning usage of your information. We do not pass them any data, except the information that is impossible to hide (the information that you post by yourselves on forums and in comments, etc.). And we expect that all linked sites respect privacy of its and our users.