How to remove MacPerformance PUA from Mac OS

What is MacPerformance? MacPerformance can be classified as a Potentially Unwanted Application. This type of software, according to the words of the developers, makes the work of Mac OS and the experience of using it much better. But the reality is a bit different. At first, this program makes a lot of changes in the … Read more

How to remove NEMTY REVENGE 2.0 ransomware and decrypt .NEMTY_*ID* files

NEMTY REVENGE 2.0 ransomware encryption process. NEMTY REVENGE 2.0 belongs to the file-encryption ransomware family of the same name. There is only one other representative of this family, that has the same name too – NEMTY. NEMTY REVENGE 2.0 has the same principles of work, as the previous version, but the mechanisms are different. Both … Read more

How to remove hijacker

What is When your browser constantly redirects you to web page, your device undoubtedly is infected with the browser hijacker. This malicious software aims at the changing of browser settings, such as the home page, preferable search engine and new tab option in order to force the users to use services, that … Read more

How to remove CCryptor ransomware and decrypt .ccryptor files

CCryptor ransomware encryption process CCryptor ransomware is a new threat, that can possibly infect a great amount of computers. We suppose, that CCryptor doesn’t belong to any already known file-encryption ransomware family, but at the same time it has the similarities with a great amount of ransomware families, such as STOP(DJVU) ransomware family: Nols, Werd, … Read more