How to remove GeneralNetSearch from Mac

What is GeneralNetSearch? GeneralNetSearch is a dangerous application for Mac OS. As it's been reported, this app spreads by the means of fake Adobe Flash Player updater. However, it can also be easily distributed by other fake installators or bundles. In any case, for the most users, it's a great surprise to find GeneralNetSearch installed on their devices. Once this app has been installed, this app provides victims with a great amount of various advertisements and pop-ups. Still, this app is not Read more [...]

How to remove Mac Tonic PUA

What is Mac Tonic? Mac Tonic is represented as a useful application that helps to improve Mac performance. As the rule, this application is spread in bundles, the terms of installation of which, as a rule, are not clear. That's why potential victims don't even suppose, that they allow to install this app themselves. When Mac Tonic gets into the system, it offers to scan the system for possible problems. At the same time, it slows the performance of Mac in order to make victims believe, that their Read more [...]

How to remove Mac Heal Pro from Mac

What is Mac Heal Pro? Mac Heal Pro is represented as a useful software, that helps users to keep their Mac OS systems in a good state. Such soft is usually distributed by the means of bundles and sometimes it's a surprise to find out, that Mac Heal Pro is installed. That happens because of the unclear terms of installations of such software packs. When this app is installed, it offers to a victim to scan the device for possible problems with it. When the scanning is done, the results always show Read more [...]

How to remove fake Adobe Flash Player update from Mac

What is Adobe Flash Player update pop-up? A great amount of users faces Adobe Flash Player update notification, while they are surfing the internet. As the rule, this notification looks like the real one and the pop-up leads to a website, that looks like the real one in its turn. Once this adware has been installed, it changes the settings of the Safari browser and restricts victims from the accessing to search engines. If victims tried to restore the settings, Adobe Flash Player adware prevents Read more [...]