How to remove CentralLot from Mac OS

What is CentralLot? CentralLot is represented as an application, that improves internet browsing experience. In the most cases, users even don’t suppose, that they have allowed to install this application. It’s so, because CentralLot spreads by the means of bundles. Bundle is a (usually) free software pack. Such packs can be found on various questionable … Read more

How to remove OperativeDesktop from Mac OS

What is OperativeDesktop? It goes without saying, that the internet is overfilled with various viruses. Nearly every day we face with such threats while surfing the internet and sometimes we fail to protect our systems. And in this article we would like to tell you about OperativeDesktop adware. If your browser redirects you to the … Read more

How to remove EngageSearch adware from Mac OS

What is EngageSearch? EngageSearch is a malicious program which has a great variety of functions. The main one of them is to display tons of advertisements. When EngageSearch is installed, it displays various pop-up messages, which can contain different messages. The soft promoted by such a way is not recommended to be downloaded, as it … Read more

How to remove Media Converter Pro adware

What is Media Converter Pro? It’s not a secret that the internet is overfilled with various threats nowadays. Among them is Media Converter Pro. We classify this program as an adware. Generally, such programs spread by the means of bundling. Criminals compile various installers into one pack and then promote it as a free or … Read more