How to remove notifications

What is If your browser redirects you to the web page, it means that your computer is infected with an adware. Such malicious programs are usually distributed by the means of bundles. Criminals compile various software into one installer and then promote it as a free or cracked software pack. You can easily face such files when searching on the free file sharing services or torrent trackers. Sometimes hackers also use deceptive installers to spread Read more [...]

How to remove BrowserProduct PUA from Mac

What is BrowserProduct? BrowserProduct can be characterized as a Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA)or an adware. In the most cases this software is promoted as a useful one for the Mac operating system, for example as an update for the Adobe Flash Player. In this case, criminals promote it by the means of fake websites. When victims come there, the sites show them various pop-ups and notifications, the purpose of what is to assure victims, that the file is safe to be downloaded. Sometimes BrowserProduct Read more [...]

How to remove pop-ups and redirections

What is Potentially everyone has faced a CAPTCHA, while he or she was surfing the internet. This mechanism helps to filter human traffic from bots. It goes without saying, that criminals nowadays try to adopt such features for their own purpose. The result of it is the website. This site looks like a regular CAPTCHA, however, the real function of this site is different. When you visit the website, it always shows the message, that it's Read more [...]

How to remove pop-ups and redirections

What is Nowadays, nearly everyone has faced numerous variations of CAPTCHA. This system helps to identify a human being from a bot in order to filter the traffic. It goes without saying, that it's a great opportunity for criminals. That's why they create such sites as the The feature of that it looks like a CAPTCHA. The message on this site says, that it's necessary to allow showing notification in order to continue internet surfing. If you accidentally Read more [...]

Your IP address has been randomly selected to collect FREE iPhone XS scam

Is your IP address has been really selected to collect FREE iPhone XS? Unfortunately, you've just faced a scam message. It has been recently reported, that a great many of the users received the message from Such messages as: "Your IP address has been randomly selected to collect FREE iPhone XS", are not rare nowadays. By their means criminals lure victims to call to their number. Then the script can vary. In the first case, this call will cost you plenty of Read more [...]