How to remove LIVE ransomware and decrypt .[].LIVE files

What is LIVE? When you face the fact, that “.[].LIVE” extension has been added to the names of some of your files, it means that your computer has been attacked by LIVE ransomware. This virus belongs to the Dharma file-encryption ransomware family, the function of which is to force victims into purchasing the decryption tool. … Read more

How to remove (Dharma) Fire Ransomware and decrypt .fire files

This month “pleased” us with another cryptovirus called “Fire” from Dharma ransomware family. Like previous versions, this virus pursues the same goal: to make victims pay in exchange for their data. In order to achieve this, Fire Ransomware encrypts users’ sensitive files like photos, documents, video and audio files.

How to remove Monro Ransomware and decrypt .monro files

Monro is virus-extortionist that was developed by the same people that are responsible for spreading infamous Dharma ransomware. In order to infiltrate victims’ computers, virus mostly uses scam emails containing malicious files and once the user opens this file, the encryption process starts. Monro ransomware may also be hidden in pirated software, games, cracks, phishing sites, and various fake updates (Adobe flash update).