How to transfer all data from iPhone to Android

How to transfer photos from iPhone to another smartphone? Sometimes you need to transfer some photos, videos, or other data from iPhone 5/6/7/8/X/11/XR to an Android device, and it is a real headache! So many different programs and clouds, and all they are usually incompatible with each other, and with different devices. For exchange between iPhones to Android devices, some people use mail or WhatsApp, but it's not so fast and easy when you have tons of files. At the same time, sometimes it's Read more [...]

How to play Horizon Zero Dawn on Mac

Can I play Horizon Zero Dawn on Mac? Horizon Zero Dawn is an is an action role-playing game developed by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. This game is very attractive from the minute it started to the last scene. Unfortunately, this game requires Windows and there is no Mac version of Horizon Zero Dawn. So our community is left without a ready to go version and you can't play Horizon Zero Dawn on Mac natively. How to run Horizon Zero Dawn on Mac OS For most people Read more [...]

How to remove Your Weather Watcher from Android

What is Your Weather Watcher? Your weather watcher is a spam campaign, that can generate tons of advertisements on your mobile or desktop device. It spread by push notifications, or by malicious apps. (your weather is a source, that can be affiliated with cybercriminals, so we recommend do not accept any access requests from this site. How to get rid of Firstly, try to uninstall any apps, related to Your Weather Watcher, and check all Read more [...]

How to play Valorant on Mac

valorant on macbook
Can I play Valorant on a Mac? Valorant by Riot Games is a cool tactical shooter with very crafted gameplay. You can choose Agents with their unique abilities, Maps, and Weapons and test your skills! But this game was created for Windows and there is no version of Valorant for Mac OS. More and more people wish to run this game on Mac or MacBook. It goes without saying that mainly Mac OS devices are made for other purposes. But this problem can be solved! There are a huge number of ways to run Windows Read more [...]

How to remove (PC or Mac)

What is is a deceptive site, that can show many pop-ups on your PC. Generally, it really spreads on Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari both on Windows, or macOS. All victims in most cases can't leave deceptive pages with an advertisement, because they are generating new ads again and again. Moreover, they reopen constantly. The main aim of this attack is information. Hackers can even provide you with targeted ads based on your searching queries. Read more [...]