How to remove RadioRage

RadioRage is yet another creation from Mindspark Interactive which like previous ones is created for advertising purposes. Immediately after penetration, it corrupts browser configuration, adds its own toolbar into browser and sets page: as a default homepage. At first glance, it might give the impression that RadioRage is a convenient search tool with extra features allowing to listen to favorite music, but that’s not actually true.

How to remove ShoppingDealsLive

ShoppingDealsLive is a shopping-oriented browser add-on that may mess up your browser configuration. It often appears in a browser without the user noticing with a help of a bundling after you fail to block optional offers while installing freeware. Once installed, it sets as your primary search engine and injects a huge spam of advertisements.

How to remove MindSpark toolbar

MindSpark toolbar is a malware that is usually distributed with some free software that average user may download from the internet. This application claims to provide you with legitimate search engine, but actually it will change your search engine and homepage to as well as corrupt your search results. MindSpark toolbar can also change shortcuts on your desktop, so that every time you try to open browser and click on its shortcut, you’ll open MindSpark toolbar. We’ll explain some more reasons to remove MindSpark toolbar.