How to remove Matrix Ransomware and decrypt .[] files

In this article, we will discuss in detail how to remove Matrix Ransomware and decrypt .[] files. Matrix Ransomware is a rather old cryptovirus that appeared in the distant 2016. His activity was noticed in November 2016. Initially, the cryptovirus was aimed at users speaking in Russian and English, However, judging by the latest data, the cryptovirus has already spread almost throughout the world. .[] is the latest variation of the extension that is added to the encrypted files.

How to remove SD 1.1 Ransomware and decrypt .enc files

What is SD 1.1 Ransomware?SD 1.1, alternative name is NewSource Ransomware, it’s a cryptovirus encrypting user data of various formats using a combination of 2 algorithms AES-128 & RSA-2048. As a rule, these can be MS office documents, audio files, video files, multimedia, archives and much more. SD 1.1 changes the file extension using the simple/(compound) extension .enc/.[].enc

How to remove Aperfectday2018 Ransowmare and decrypt (enc) files

Aperfectday2018 ransomware – is a dangerous virus, that is able to encrypt all the important files like documents, photos, videos. It is obviously targeted at Swedish users, as cyber criminals offer to pay them 25 000 sek (Swedish krona) in exchange for decryption. The scheme is very typical and common for ransomware viruses. First Aperfectday2018 infiltrates your system, then starts encrypting procedure with AES encryption algorithm. This ransomware adds (enc) prefix to the name of all the encrypted data. For example, graphics.doc file turns into (enc)graphics.doc file. In this article you can learn how to remove Aperfectday2018 ransomware and decrypt (enc) files.

How to remove Cryptorium Ransomware and decrypt .enc files

Cryptorium relates to ransomware-type virus. Once infiltrated, Cryptorium starts to encrypt files making them unavailable. After encryption, it invokes its program window, which contains the following message.