How to play FIFA 23 on Mac

FIFA 23 is a new part of a series of football simulators from the Canadian studio EA Sports. In the sequel, you will find an updated season with real player statistics, gameplay innovations and modified modes with an exciting storyline. The main gameplay changes are as follows: improved HyperMotion2 technology has appeared in the game, making animations more believable, updated free kicks, penalties and corners, new mechanics of "risk and benefit when hitting". There is also an improved physics of Read more [...]

How to protect a credit card from scammers

How to protect a credit card from scammers No one is safe from illegal data theft, which can lead to the loss of money from your account. And this happens all the time - people are stealing money from their accounts. In some cases, the victims themselves even tell the fraudsters all the data, not understanding what they are doing. Most people think that they are not robbed and begin to worry when the money has already been withdrawn and nothing can be done. There are tons of ways to steal your Read more [...]

How to remove (Mac)

What is is yet another variant of notorious Safe Finder PUP. There are many variants of Safe Finder virus and all of them operates the same way. The more detailed information about Safe Finder, you can find here. is categorized as a browser hijacker that is used for link promotion. It often comes to users' computers merged with freeware/shareware programs. Instantly after the infection, it alters browsers’ settings Read more [...]

How To Remove Safe Finder from Mac

What is Safe Finder? Safe Finder is a notorious browser hijacker that still affects users' computers around the world. Although Safe Finder is designed for Windows and Mac computers (the full removal guide for both systems you may find here), last ones are much more likely to face it. Safe Finder gets on user's computers bundled with other freeware/shareware programs a user might download from the Internet. Following infiltration, it starts corrupting browser configuration, by setting its own Read more [...]

How to remove pop-ups

What is is the adware displaying ads and causing redirects that can lead to insecure domains. Following infiltration, the adware modifies the browser configuration to be able to open pop-ups even if your browser is not launched. virus is trying to trick users into allowing push notifications. Do not click the "Allow" button as this can lead to infection by other viruses. In this guide, you will find simple and effective ways Read more [...]