How to protect a credit card from scammers

How to protect a credit card from scammers No one is safe from illegal data theft, which can lead to the loss of money from your account. And this happens all the time – people are stealing money from their accounts. In some cases, the victims themselves even tell the fraudsters all the data, not … Read more

How to remove (Mac)

What is is yet another variant of notorious Safe Finder PUP. There are many variants of Safe Finder virus and all of them operates the same way. The more detailed information about Safe Finder, you can find here. is categorized as a browser hijacker that is used for link promotion. It often … Read more

How to remove pop-ups

What is is the adware displaying ads and causing redirects that can lead to insecure domains. Following infiltration, the adware modifies the browser configuration to be able to open pop-ups even if your browser is not launched. virus is trying to trick users into allowing push notifications. Do not click the … Read more