How to fix “Windows media player cannot find the file” error

Sometimes you can see the following error message on your computer: "Windows Media Player cannot find the file. If you are trying to play, burn, or sync an item that is in your library, the item might point to a file that has been moved, renamed, or deleted." Automatic solutions: {{BUTTON13||Download PCCure+|BluebuttonPCHA}} This error message can appear when you play any music from your CD disk or from your library or when you just Read more [...]

How to fix “Windows cannot find the local profile” error

Was your work interrupted by "Windows cannot find the located profile and is loading you on with a temporary profile? Changes you make to this profile will be lost when you log off" (or similar to it) error message? Wonder how to fix it? This article will show you two solutions to the problem - a manual one and an automatic. Use this step-by-step tutorial to fix the "Windows cannot find the local profile" error. Fast Automatic Solution: {{BUTTON13||Download Read more [...]

How to fix “Windows cannot find rundll32.exe” error

Sometimes, when you open Control Panel and try to start some of the program in its menu, there will be a pop-up box with an error message that sounds like: "Windows cannot find C:\Windows\Rundll32.exe make sure you typed the name correctly and try again", or some close. Fast automatic solution: {{BUTTON13||Download PCCure+|BluebuttonPCHA}} The problem is a missing or corrupted Rundll32.exe file, and the more likely cause might be related Read more [...]

How to fix “Windows cannot find regedit.exe” error

You have encountered the Windows cannot find regedit.exe error and do not know what to do? This brief how-to article explains a few techniques that will solve your problem. Regedit is a file that runs the Registry Editor. The Registry system contains information about installations of software or hardware, their updates and removals from your PC. {{BUTTON13||Download PCCure+|BluebuttonPCHA}} With time, the registry becomes stuffed with information Read more [...]

How to fix “Windows cannot find msconfig” error

You got a pop-up message saying that "Windows cannot find msconfig" and you do not have a clue what to do? You have come to the right place, this article will answer your questions and teach you how to get rid of the trouble. Automatic solution: {{BUTTON13||Download PC Health Advisor|BluebuttonPCHA}} What is msconfig? MSConfig (Microsoft System Configuration Utility) is a Microsoft program that helps the users to access several Read more [...]