How to remove ( is a sneaky website trying to portray as a legitimate search engine like Google or Bing. This malware ruins your browser’s work by forcibly changing its configuration. User will also notice frequent redirects to sponsored webpages that often contain malicious infections.

How to remove Shmokiads

Shmokiads is an advertising program which crawls into your computer bundled with other free software. The infection hijacks any browser present on the computer, thus reducing user’s browsing experience. The program can replace your default search engine with its useless one.

How to remove is a malware that replaces your homepage and default search engine with This program displays mostly altered search results which can redirect you to sponsored websites with dangerous content. also can trace user’s browser activity like IP addresses, logins and passwords, search queries, pages visited, and etc.

How to remove is browser hijacker which replace your default home page and search engine with The program generates sponsored search results so the users shouldn’t trust them. In addition, you can be redirected to dangerous websites that can compromise your security.

How to remove is an unpleasant browser extension that changes your default search engine to or Untill this application is on your PC, you won’t be able to return previous configuration. Users should’t rely on its search results since their links are mostly altered in order to display sponsored content.