How to play Watch Dogs: Legion on Mac OS

Can you play Watch Dogs: Legion on Mac? Watch Dogs: Legion is a newest rogue-like action stealth game. Here you will have to build a resistance from virtually anyone you see as you hack, infiltrate, and fight to take back a near-future London that is facing its downfall. We can write a lot about it, but i bet, that you already know everything about this game. So if you want to try yourself as a rebellion leader, we should warn you that this game requires Windows and there is no version of Watch Read more [...]

How to remove Docm ransomware and decrypt “.docm” files

What is Docm? The one of the newest threats, that can anyone possibly face, is Docm ransomware. This virus belongs to the Hentai OniChan Version King Engine file-encryption ransomware family. This family of viruses is not very widespread and that's why there is not much info about it. In the most cases Docm ransomware infects computers by various executable files (for example fake installers), but hackers also widely use email attachments. In this case, they inject the code of the virus into a regular Read more [...]

How to remove MARS ransomware and decrypt “.MARS” files

What is MARS? Nowadays computer viruses are a great problem. Nearly every day malware researchers report about new threats and among the newest ones is MARS ransomware. This virus doesn't belong to any already known file-encryption ransomware family, but it can be modified and get new versions. Generally, victims become infected with it because of fake malicious installers. You can find such files on various free file sharing services and torrent trackers. Criminals promote them as free or cracked Read more [...]

How to play Ghostrunner on Mac OS

Can you play Ghostrunner on Mac? Ghostrunner is a newest hardcore hack and slash platformer in a cyberpunk world. Here you will have to make your way up from the bottom to the top, confront the tyrannical Keymaster, and take your revenge. As the most advanced blade fighter ever created, you’re always outnumbered but never outclassed. Slice your enemies with a monomolecular katana, dodge bullets with your superhuman reflexes, and employ a variety of specialized techniques to prevail. If you want Read more [...]

How to remove scam

What is is a website, which is promoted as a hack service for Among Us game. The site itself looks like a trustful one: you can choose necessary accessories, skins and hacks for your account. If you continue this site will simulate activity and then it will ask you to come from iOS or Android device. If you continue, probably it will infect your device with a virus, which can greatly damage your phone and life. As you can see it's a simple scam service. Such sites Read more [...]