How to play Empire of Sin on Mac OS

Can you play Empire of Sin on Mac? Empire of Sin is a new strategy game that puts you at the heart of the ruthless criminal underworld of 1920s Prohibition-era Chicago. Here you have to assemble a rag-tag gang, build and manage your criminal empire, and defend your turf from rival gangs. The main features of this game are unique RPG mechanics, empire management and combat style. We can assure you, that this game will capture and engage you for days. If you want to try it You have two ways. The first Read more [...]

How to remove ZIN ransomware and decrypt “.[].ZIN” files

What is ZIN? The one of the newest threats, that can anyone possibly face, is ZIN ransomware. This virus belongs to Phobos file-encryption ransomware family. Moreover, this virus is brand-new so there is not much info about it. In the most cases ZIN ransomware infects computers by various executable files (for example fake installers), but hackers also widely use email attachments. In this case, they inject the code of the virus into a regular and harmless file and it executes, once a victim decides Read more [...]

Remove RestorFile ransomware and decrypt “.[]” files

What is RestorFile? Every day we use the internet and computers for various purposes. These tools of our everyday life are connected with nearly every sphere, even with nuclear power plants. However, they also can ruin your life because of the numerous threats. Among such threats is RestorFile ransomware. This virus belongs to the Matrix file-encryption ransomware family, whose members spreads very fast. Talking exactly about RestorFile ransomware, it mainly spreads by the means of fake installers. Read more [...]

How to remove WEUI ransomware and decrypt “.WEUI” files

What is WEUI? Every day we face various threats while surfing the internet. Cyber criminals use a wide variety of tools in order to get the profit. Amongg such tools are WEUI virus. This virus belongs to the STOP(DJVU) file-encryption ransomware family, which contain a great number of members. WEUI ransomware spreads very fast, because as the rule hackers spread it by the means of fake installers. You can easily find such files on free file sharing services and torrent trackers. However, sometimes Read more [...]

How to remove redirections

Why browser redirects me to If your internet traffic is redirected through the website, your device is definitely infected with the hijacker. As the rule, criminals use two ways to spread such viruses. The most widely they use various bundles. In this case, criminals compile a number of various software into one installer and then spread it as a free or cracked software pack. Sometimes hackers even create deceptive websites in order to promote them. As the Read more [...]