How to remove is yet another fake engine which is responsible for numerous redirects and ads. It is classified as a browser hijacker, although might look like a legitimate search engine. As soon as it enters on the PC, your primary search provider and homepage start leading the users to page.

How to remove playJunkie Search

playJunkie Search is a fraudulent search engine by that develops junkware. This program spreads as a browser extension which is available on Google Chrome Store, however, it might also penetrate along with cost-free programs using bundling method. After this, it causes modifications to the browser configuration, replaces search engine, displays numerous third-party ads, and collects user’s personal information.

How to remove is a questionable search engine created to distribute advertising. This is done by showing altered search results and inserting numerous third-party ads within your browser window. makes changes to the system registry, replaces primary search engine, homepage as well as causes redirects to commercial and harmful web pages.

How to remove Advanced PC Mechanic

Advanced PC Mechanic tries to trick you into thinking that it will speed up your computer performance. This program is capable of scanning the Windows Registry, fixing errors, removing junk files and programs. After launch, it performs the scan that detects numerous issues affecting computer performance.