How to remove NcOv ransomware and decrypt “.[].NcOv” files

What is NcOv? Every day internet has to face new threats. The one of them is NcOv ransomware. This virus is called after New Coronavirus, that infects more and more people every day. In our case, it’s a computer virus, that belongs to the Dharma file-encryption ransomware family. The members of this family are Crown, … Read more

How to remove hijacker

What is If your browser redirects you to the “” webpage and shows you various advertisements and pop-ups, your device is infected with a hijacker. In the most cases hijacker infects devices by the means of malicious bundles and fake installers. In case of bundles, they are promoted as free or cracked software … Read more

How to remove Dewar ransomware and decrypt .dewar files

What is Dewar? If you faced the fact, that the extensions of your files have been changed to “.dewar” ones, it means that your computer is infected with a ransomware virus. Dewar ransomware belongs to the one of the most widespread file-encryption ransomware family called Phobos, the members of which are Eight, Calum, cmdrootairmail Money, … Read more

How to remove hijacker

What is “” is represented by the website and an application, that causes redirections to this website. As the rule “” infection spreads by the means of bundles. Criminals compile a number of various installer into a pack and also makes the terms of its installation unclear. Then they share such packs as if … Read more