How to detect and remove keylogger from your computer

A keylogger is a thief breaking into your computer. This malicious application can monitor and record all the keyboard and mouse inputs of a user. The biggest threat of such malware is that it can steal your passwords, usernames, bank account number, social security number, PIN, and other sensitive and financial information. Some keyloggers are able to make screenshots of users’ activity in order to trace their internet activity. It’s pretty hard to detect keyloggers as they run in the background of your system, still it’s not that difficult to remove it. In most cases it is better to use automatic keylogger removal tool in order to remove keylogger from your computer.

Movies Toolbar removal instructions and removal tool

Movies Toolbar is browser add-on that can be installed on your computer with the help of the freeware downloaded from some unofficial and suspicious websites. You should be very careful with freeware, if you like to install it. Many freeware are bundled with different toolbars and browser add-ons. So, the installation of some bundled programs … Read more

How to remove AnySend

AnySend is a program that is usually installed with the help of different freeware. Of course user can install this software from the official website of its creators, but it is a rare case. This program was created to help users to send files and folders to each other. Yes, the program performs its main … Read more