How to remove Best Video Downloader

As the developers of Best Video Downloader say, it is the fastest and easiest free program that let users to download YouTube video. The creators also promise that this program will provide users with the highest sound and video quality in the best formats. Trying to install this program from the official website, I got the set of programs, which does not contain Best Video Downloader. I was really surprised that Yontoo, DealPly and Qvo6 were installed instead. Reading the information on the official website, I understand that Best Video Downloader is just a feature of Yontoo toolbar. And all other installed programs are the bundled programs, something like the fee for the use of Best Video Downloader. So, if you are in the same situation, as me, and you want to remove Best Video Downloader together with the other installed programs, then you are welcome to read this article and to use the manual Best Video Downloader removal instructions or the effective Best Video Downloader Removal Tool that will remove also all the additional programs installed by Best Video Downloader.

Best Video Downloader, as a part of Yontoo program, is an advertising program that will show you ads in your browser. This program can be installed into all popular browsers. Like all other adware, Best Video Downloader is considered to be an unwanted program that can lead to virus infection. If you want to use manual Best Video Downloader removal instructions, then you are welcome to follow the items below. If you want to remove other additional programs also, then you should use the search on this website and to find the special instructions for them. You can also just use the following links:

  1. Yontoo removal instructions
  2. DealPly removal instructions
  3. Qvo6 removal instructions

remove Best Video Downloader

How to remove Best Video Downloader manually:

  1. Remove the following files of the program:
    C:\Program Files\Yontoo\OptChrome.exe
    C:\Program Files\Yontoo\sqlite3.exe
    C:\Program Files\Yontoo\Y2Desktop.Updater.exe
    C:\Program Files\Yontoo\YontooIEClient.dll
    C:\Program Files\Yontoo\YontooLayers.crx
  2. Navigate and remove the following folders of the program:
  3. Then you should remove the following Registry Entries:
  4. Then you should use the new-installed and updated antivirus program in order to remove possible viruses, if you clicked on the appeared pop-ups with advertisements.

If you want to use automatic method that will let you to save time and efforts in order to remove Best Video Downloader, then you are welcome to download and run Best Video Downloader Removal Tool:

This useful Removal Tool will also remove all the programs that were installed additionally to your computer (bundled programs: Yontoo, DealPly and Qvo6).

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