How to remove is browser hijacker that is presented as a search engine. After hitting your computer, it replaces your default finder with the page. Users can not get the previous settings, because malware returns all over again.

How to remove is a custom search engine that supposedly enhances Internet search experience. And although, it looks like more famous search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo, is not even close to them in quality. Furthermore, annoying and intrusive pop-up ads are caused by this program.

How to remove from your browser and computer is an ordinary search engine which forcibly replaces your default search engine. The program is distributed via bundling method as a browser extension. Besides that, is the culprit of constant redirects and appearance of inappropriate ads.

How to remove from your browser and computer

If your search engine suddenly was changed to, then you got infected with the redirect virus. It is distributed with other free programs, that you could download from dubious sources. In so doing, user himself can’t return previous configuration manually, since malware reverts it back.