How to remove TaskFresh pop-up ads from Mac

What is TaskFresh? The creator of TaskFresh software describes it as a useful one and that the purpose of this program is to improve your experience of web surfing. The reality is different, the real purpose of this software is to show you different pop-up advertisements. This software triggers a user to push an advertisement … Read more

How to remove hijacker

What is belongs to the hijacker family of viruses. These malicious programs changes browser settings and sometimes collects user’s personal information. Programs in this category install on devices accidentally, as the most of the users don’t install software attentively, at the same time the most popular mode of distribution of these programs is … Read more

How to remove hijacker from Mac

What is belongs to the hijackers family, this type of malicious software is usually installed by the user accidentally, as in most cases is spread by bundling. If you don’t pay enough attention to the process of installation there is chance for you to agree with the installation of different malicious programs. … Read more

How to remove Nqix ransomware and decrypt .nqix files

What is Nqix ransomware? Nqix ransomware is a type of Dharma ransomware family. These malicious programs encrypts users files into unreadable formats. That happens with the help of a special algorithm and as the result encrypted files have an appendix. In our case it’s .nqix. The most of the users tries to somehow remove Nqix … Read more

How to remove Acuf2 ransomware and decrypt .Acuf2 files

What is Acuf2 Ransomware? Acuf2 ransomware is one of the most wide-spread file encryptors and belongs to the Dharma ransomware family. Such malicious programs as Acuf2 ransomware have a common feature – they encrypts files and add an appendix in the end of the file. In the case of Acuf2 ransomware infection this appendix is … Read more