How to remove ads

What is If (or its subdomains like, and so on) web site randomly opens advertisement banners in your browser without any permission, then your system is infected with adware. If this happened to your computer, you likely have installed some questionable software contained hidden malware. Use this guide to remove … Read more

How to remove GANDCRAB V5.1 and restore files

What is GANDCRAB V5.1 ransomware? GANDCRAB V5.1 ransomware – is a dangerous virus, that is able to encrypt all the important files like documents, photos, videos. Cyber criminals want their victims to send 2400$ to their BitCoin wallet in exchange for decryption. This scheme is very typical and common for any ransomware viruse. First GANDCRAB … Read more

How to remove eSpeedDownload Search

eSpeedDownload is a questionable browser application that embeds its own search engine into browser. Although it may have a look of a legit search engine, you should know that PC security experts categorize this application as a browser hijacker. eSpeedDownload will get your browser configurations spoiled and corrupt your browsing experience with constant redirections and sponsored ads.

How to remove pop-ups from Mac

If you have begun experiencing redirect cascades to while browsing the Internet, that is probably a result of adware getting installed on your system. This type of malware often gets onto a user’s machine by bundling with free programs downloaded from dubious sources. Once installed, it makes changes to the browser’s configuration to get users to visit certain web pages.

How to remove

What is is a web page that will pop-up on a browser in case of adware infection. It will display ads and offer to turn on notifications. Do not try to click on “Allow Notifications”, as it may result in getting more malware on your computer. That’s why recommend you to remove … Read more