How to remove is a misleading search engine that aims to make you visit specific sites. This page may take place of your primary search provider because of the penetration of a browser hijacker. It usually occurs after you don’t opt out of optional offers while installing some freeware.

How to remove is a browser hijacker that forcibly changes search engine of a browser and blocks all attempts from being deleted. The main culprit of appearance of a browser hijacker is a shoddy freeware that installs additional programs without user noticing. The sole purpose of this program is to gain revenue via altered search results and redirects that make you visit sponsored pages.

How to remove

Safari can’t verify the identity of the website “” is a fraudulent pop-up window that comes up while browsing the Internet on Safari. This is the result of the direct impact of an adware. As a rule, potentially unwanted programs are installed unnoticed together with freeware or some dubious programs like MacKeeper.