How to remove Londec ransomware and decrypt .londec files

Londec ransomware encryption process Londec is a new type of malware which belongs to the STOP(DJVU)ransomware viruses family. It means that this malicious software is aimed at changing the structure of your files (encrypt). Usually such viruses infects devices by the means of malicious email attachments and when it’s successfully done, Londec scans your data … Read more

How to remove Goodmen ransomware and decrypt .good files

Goodmen ransomware encryption process Goodmen is a freshly made ransomware, the aim of which is to encrypt your files in order to make you pay for their decryption. Infection with such a virus is always unexpected, as hackers use different tricks, like fake emails, bundles and etc. When the virus has been successfully installed, it … Read more

How to remove TANOS ransomware and decrypt .tanos files

TANOS ransomware encryption process Tanos is a new type of a Globelimposter ransomware. This ransomware encrypts files according to a special algorithm in order to make you pay for the decryption, that’s why these encryptors are called ransomwares. This virus usually infects devices unnoticed by the users, as it’s important to put you in the … Read more

How to remove Geno Ransomware and decrypt .geno files

Geno ransomware encryption process Geno is the type of a virus, which belongs to the STOP(DJVU) ransomware viruses family. Infection with this type of viruses is always unpredictable, as it’s important to infect your device unnoticed in order to cause maximum damage. Hackers usually use malicious email attachments and direct attacks, provided by the brute … Read more