How to remove Mnbzr ransomware and decrypt “.Mnbzr” files

What is Mnbzr? Every day internet users have to face new threats. Among them are ransomware viruses. Such viruses change the structures of files (encrypt them) in order to demand a payment. And the of the newest members of this class is Mnbzr ransomware. This virus belongs to the updated Dharma file-encryption ransomware family. Viruses … Read more

How to remove CentralLot from Mac OS

What is CentralLot? CentralLot is represented as an application, that improves internet browsing experience. In the most cases, users even don’t suppose, that they have allowed to install this application. It’s so, because CentralLot spreads by the means of bundles. Bundle is a (usually) free software pack. Such packs can be found on various questionable … Read more

How to remove SNT2 ransomware and decrypt “.SNT2” files

What is SNT2? If you see, that the extensions of your files have been changed to “.[].[*id*].SNT2” ones, it means, that your computer is infected with SNT2 ransomware. This virus doesn’t belong to any already known file-encryption ransomware family. To spread this virus, hackers widely use deceptive installers. Such installers are usually promoted by the … Read more