How to play Riders Republic on Mac

Riders Republic is a game made for the true extreme. It is a sports racing game where players can compete in racing, skiing, snowboarding and other extreme sports. In these competitions I can participate up to 50 people and compete with each other in teams, trying to perform as many tricks as possible. You will play as a talented athlete who cannot live a day without tricks. You have a long way to go, win hundreds of races, perform thousands of stunts and get hold of elite equipment. Riders Read more [...]

How to play Mario Party Superstars on Mac

Mario Party Superstars is a new and improved version of Mario Party . The game provides a virtual field and allows four players to leave the cubes and take turns walking on the virtual field, where each cell brings some bonuses. All players try to get to the star, which is depicted on one of the card points. Whoever collects more stars by the end of the game wins. Sometimes the star changes its position after the purchase, sometimes it remains in the same place, but it will not be possible Read more [...]

How to play No Man’s Sky on Mac

No Man's Sky is a computer game in the genre of space action adventure with survival elements. This game is developed and released by Hello Games . You will travel through endless star systems, where you can explore a virtual universe, consisting of 264, or 18 quintillion planets. Throughout the search for new interesting places, you will meet dangers, battles with enemies. You yourself have to decide how to survive. Create fleets of dreadnought-class freighters and explore the universe, Read more [...]

How to play Jurassic World Evolution 2 on Mac

Jurassic World Evolution 2 is the sequel to the popular Jurassic World Evolution game from the Frontier studio. This is a management simulator. The game takes place after the events of the movie "Jurassic World 2". Together with the famous heroes of the film, you will be engaged in the capture, conservation and breeding of dinosaurs, creating your own Jurassic world. You will be able to erect new buildings in different places, showing your creative thinking. Create over 75 prehistoric Read more [...]

How to play Monster Hunter Rise on Mac

Monster Hunter Rise is a computer RPG, part of the Monster Hunter series, developed and published by Capcom . Monster Hunter Rise takes place in the colorful village of Kamura. It is a mountainous area that attracts visitors with its unique culture. The player puts on his armor and chooses one of various types of weapons (completely new hunting grounds are waiting for you: ancient ruins, sanctuaries. Items of fallen opponents can be used to create unique weapons and armor that will Read more [...]