How to remove privacyProtection (Mac and Windows)

privacyProtection is supposed to protect your privacy when browsing the Internet. The way of distributing this application is very tricky. And if you wonder how it was installed on your computer, then you just failed to disable additional components offered by the download client that comes with a free program from the Internet. Once installed, it takes over all browsers on computer, alters them settings and prevents access to them for user.

How to remove nJoySport Search

nJoySport Search adds its own tab in your browser to keep user up to date with news from sport world. This is stated in description, but in reality, it affects browsing experience in a bad way. The program spoils browser’s work by changing its configuration, home page, default search engine as well adding pesky pop-up ads and annoying redirects by force.

How to remove

In case if your default search engine has been set to, the system is attacked by browser hijacker. As a general matter, malware crawls into system by means of other programs being bundled with and you probably just forgot to uncheck optional features during the installation. Furthermore, it not only provides low-quality search results, but also altered ones that can lead you to insecure web-pages with viruses.

How to remove uBlock Plus

uBlock Plus is a bogus application that exploits name of uBlock Origin to mislead users. Besides that it does its work poorly, it has other unpleasant features. After installation, it hijacks the browser and forcibly makes changes to its configuration disrupting normal operation of.