How to remvoe Jackpot Ransomware and decrypt .coin files

What is Jackpot Ransomware? Jackpot is ransomware that uses the AES+RSA algorithm to encrypt user data, mainly audio, video, MS Office documents, archives, and much more. Also, it removes shadow copies of files and system restore points, which greatly complicates file recovery. Is it worth noting that this category of data is the most important … Read more

How to remove Heroes of the Storm Ransomware and decrypt your files

What is Heroes of the Storm Ransomware? Heroes of the Storm is ransomware that infiltrates the user’s system unnoticed, usually through unsecured network settings. Almost immediately, this encodes user data using a multilevel algorithm, after which this data simply cannot be opened, edited, changed, and so on. Moreover, this affects precisely the most important data, … Read more

How to remove NW24 Ransomware and decrypt .nw24 files

What is NW24 Ransomware? NW24 Ransomware is a ransomware crypto-virus that encrypts user data in various formats, including photos, videos, archives, text documents, and much more. Of course, such data is extremely important for users and they are ready to do almost anything to get it back. This is the main target of the attackers. … Read more

How to remove Horse Ransomware and decrypt .horse files

What is Horse Ransomware? Horse ransomware is one of the most dangerous viruses, namely ransomware. Moreover, genealogically, it belongs to the Phobos family, which has spread very much throughout the world in recent months. Cybercriminals only change the content, but the goal remains the same – to make the user pay. Horse ransomware encrypts data … Read more