How to play Phasmophobia on Mac OS

Can you play Phasmophobia on Mac? Phasmophobia is a unique horror game, where you have to explore various locations and use your ghost hunting equipment to search for and record evidence of otherworldly activity. In order to survive you have to cooperate with other members of your team, otherwise insanity and ghosts will deal with you. If you are ready to try yourself as a ghost hunter, we should warn you that Phasmophobia requires Windows operating system. So our community is left without a ready Read more [...]

How to play Spelunky 2 on Mac OS

Can you play Spelunky 2 on Mac? Spelunky 2 is not just about "getting good and beating the game" - more than that, it's an endlessly replayable playground to experiment in and find your own way, creating stories against the backdrop of an expansive, deeply-interactive world filled with secrets. The more you play, the more the game becomes yours! This rogue-like game won't disappoint you! If you are ready to try it now, we should warn you that this game requires Windows and there is no version of Read more [...]

How to remove Smooth Search hijacker

What is Smooth Search? When your internet traffic is redirected through the website, your device is definitely infected with the Smooth Search hijacker. As the rule, criminals use two ways to spread this virus. The most widely they use various bundles. In this case, criminals compile a number of various software into one installer and then spread it as a free or cracked software pack. Sometimes hackers even create fake installers and deceptive websites in order to promote them. Read more [...]

How to remove Isos ransomware and decrypt “.isos” files

What is Isos? It goes without saying that safety of a computer is a very important question. The internet is overfilled with various viruses and criminals, that wants to get a profit. And the easiest way for them to get it is to infect your computer with a malicious program. And in this article we are going to tell you about Isos ransomware. This virus belongs to the Phobos file-encryption ransomware family. The viruses of this family spread very fast due to the tricks hackers use to do it. In case Read more [...]

How to remove LYLI ransomware and decrypt “.LYLI” files

What is LYLI? It goes without saying that the internet nowadays helps us a lot. It makes our life easier, faster and more productive. Here we can study work, stay in touch with our friends and relatives, we can have fun with its help. However, the internet is overcrowded with various threats and the one of them is LYLI ransomware. This virus belongs to the STOP(DJVU) file-encryption ransomware family. AS the rule, LYLI ransomware spreads by the means of fake installers. You can easily find such Read more [...]