How to remove is a browser hijacker disguised as a search engine. At first sight, it might look like a legit search engine indeed, but it’s totally not. Although, it’s not a virus, it significantly reduces browsing experience by causing redirects and pop-up ads.

How to remove is another browser redirect virus which is represented in form of search engine. The way after which you would get infected is called bundling. This is when user forgets to opt out from unnecessary features while installing another program.

How to remove MoonCryptor ransomware and decrypt *.fmoon files

MoonCryptor is a newest and terrible virus that will make your files unavailable forever. In order to encrypt your files, this virus uses very complicated algorithms- RSA and AES. Under this mode, the decryption key is generated during encryption, and then it’s sent to remote cloud store.

How to remove Sideplayer

Sideplayer is a browser extension that allows users to watch YouTube videos concurrently while browsing the Internet. However, according to our research, Sideplayer is an adware which will only worsen the browsing experience. Sideplayer can cause redirects to dangerous webpages, change your computer’s and browser settings so that it’ll spam your computer with pop-up and bothersome advertisement on all the webpages you visit.

How to remove WininiCrypt ransomware and decrypt your files

WininiCrypt is a ransomware virus restricting access to your personal files such. All this is done to blackmail users, since many of them are ready to give large amounts of money to return their memorable photos, videos or any important documents. Virus is mainly distributed through spam emails disguised it as an invoice for any service, message from bank, discount coupon in the store and so on.