How to remove PayDay ransomware and decrypt .sexy files

PayDay is a ransomware-type virus based on HiddenTear source code and developed by Portuguese hackers. They, apparently inspired by the popular game – PayDay, gave it the same name. The purpose of the infection is to deny access to the personal user files so it encrypts them using complex AES cipher.

How to remove PC Optimizer

As the name implies, PC Optimizer contributes to boosting your computer’s performance by fixing system errors, registry issues, removing temporary files, and optimizing your system in general. So from the description, it might seem useful software, however, it’s not. PC Optimizer is a bogus software that generates income by the developer through lies and deceit.

How to remove Dentesk Extension

Dentesk Extension is a browser extension which is supposed to provide different kind of news such as sports news, entertainment news, political news and so on. In reality, it will clog your system with a lot of ads as well as constant redirects to sponsored web-pages. Dentesk Extension is also able to forcibly affect browser settings by changing its homepage and search engine.

How to remove History Button

The name speaks for itself – History Button provides user with the quick access to the History page. Among other things, it also contains hidden functions that the develop doesn’t mention. Once installed, it will get your browser configurations corrupted and spoil your browsing experience with constant redirections and sponsored ads.

How to remove is a Russian search engine and browser hijacker at the same time. This page becomes your default search engine without user consent. Such programs as crawl into the system by merging with other programs that user could download from dubious sources.