How to remove Badut Clowns ransomware and decrypt .badutclowns files

Badut Clowns encryption process Badut Clowns is one of the newest ransomware encryption malwares today. Your system may become infected with this type of the encryptor accidently, as hackers usually integrate malicious code into benign files, like different types of documents, installators and etc. Hackers can even inject this virus into your system manually, with the help of brute forcing and open ports of your system. When it's in your system, Badut Clowns begins to scan your hard-drive in no Read more [...]

How to remove StructuredService PUA from Mac OS

What is StructuredService PUA? StructuredService is a new Pottentialy Unwanted Application for Mac OS that can be also a potentially dangerous one. The main functions of this program is to show you a great amount of annoying advertisements by the means of pop-ups, redirections and etc. Though it's the main functions, it has a great amount of other abilities. StructuredService changes such settings of your browser as the homepage, new tab option and preferable search engine in order to make you visit Read more [...]

How to remove FeedBack PUA from Mac OS

What is FeedBack PUA? FeedBack is a freshly made Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA), that's been made especially for Mac OS. This type of malicious software has a great amount of abilities. It can show you different pop-ups, redirect you to the different web pages, silently download questionable software and install it. Moreover, it can change the settings of your browser such as the homepage, new tab option and preferable search engine, but the most dangerous thing here is the fact, that it Read more [...]

How to remove Shade8 ransomware and decrypt .shade8 files

Shade8 encryption process Shade8 is a new type of Hidden Tear ransomware, the aims of which haven't been changed. Mainly it attacks computers by the means of email attachments, but hackers also use open ports of a computer in order to inject it directly. When it's done, Shade8 begins the scanning and encryption processes. In consequence of it, your files are unreadable, as the extensions of them have been changed to .shade8 ones. Don't try to remove Shade8 ransomware encryption just by the simple Read more [...]

How to remove FullBrowser adware from Mac OS

What is FullBrowser adware? FullBrowser is a malicious software, the main aim of which is to show you annoying pop-up advertisements, redirect you to the malicious websites and etc. This software is represented in a form of application, that has an access to nearly all information, that your device can keep. It means, that this application can collect your internet browser activity and even steal your personal information, like passwords and contacts. Moreover, this application sometimes forces Read more [...]