How to remove pop-up ads

What is is a malicious website, which tricks victims into subscribing to push notifications service. Usually, victims come here unintentionally and the source of redirections to can vary from site scripts to hijackers. website looks like a CAPTCHA, the purpose of which is to filter the internet traffic. When you come here, the site will ask you to accept showing of notifications in order to continue internet surfing. Read more [...]

How to remove Cring ransomware and decrypt “.cring” files

What is Cring? Cring is a malicious program, that we classify as a ransomware. This virus doesn't belong to any already known file-encryption ransomware family. As it's been reported, mainly criminals spread Cring ransomware by the means of fake installers. Criminals usually distribute such files through free file sharing services and torrent trackers. Such files are often promoted as free/cracked software or updates. However, sometimes hackers don't even need it, as far as they attack computers Read more [...]

How to Remove pop-up notifications

What is is a malicious website, the function of which is to trick users into subscribing to push notification service (pop-ups). Such annoying notifications can be very dangerous, as far as linked websites often promote questionable software and services. Moreover, sometimes such websites contain malicious scripts, which can initialize downloading and installation processes without user's permission. The source of redirections to website Read more [...]

How to remove POLA ransomware and decrypt “.POLA” files

What is POLA? POLA ransomware is a virus, the function of which is to encrypt the data on the infected device. This virus belongs to the STOP(DJVU) file-encryption ransomware family, whose members have already infected thousands of computers. Generally POLA ransomware spreads by the means of malicious executable files, but criminals can also use various botnets and remote access terminals to spread it. When POLA is in the operating system, it modifies the registry folder and processes, and then Read more [...]

Remove LTC ransomware and decrypt “.[].LTC” files

What does ".[].LTC" extension mean? Unfortunately, if to the extension of your files have been added ".[].LTC" one, your computer is infected with LTC ransomware. We refer this virus to Dharma file-encryption ransomware family. Mainly, such viruses spreads by the means of malicious executable files, which are promoted as installers. In our case, we've got the example of LTC ransomware packed into installer. However, sometimes criminals use botnets to spread such viruses. Read more [...]