How to remove Any Search Manager (Mac)

Any Search Manager is malware, that is developed by Safefinder. It may look like a good Internet search engine, that will help you to manage your search. In fact, it is malicious application and PC security experts categorize this application as a browser hijacker, mostly because of its shady distribution methods. Any Search Manager will get your browser configurations spoiled and corrupt your browsing experience with constant redirection and sponsored by third-party advertisement. That’s why we recommend you to remove Any Search Manager as soon as possible.

How to remove (Mac) is a deceptive browser extension claiming to enhance search experience. But instead, it modifies browser configuration without user’s agreement in order to abuse of your browser. spreads by means of bundling with freeware and if you wonder how it appeared on your computer, then you just failed to disable additional components offered by the download client that comes with a free program from the Internet.

How to remove MOLE66 CryptoMix Ransomware and decrypt .MOLE66 files

MOLE66 CryptoMix is another variant of CryptoMix Ransomware with minor revisions. Now it adds .MOLE66 extension to each infected file during encryption. Adjustments were also made to ransom note, once data on your computer is encrypted, virus places TXT file _HELP_INSTRUCTIONS_.TXT on the desktop where you’ll find instructions from cybercriminals on how to restore files and new contact email (

How to remove may replace browser’s default search engine without user noticing. But matters do not begin or end here, a browser hijacker generates a bunch of ads and causes constant redirects. This is done in a further attempt to boost traffic to affiliate sites.

How to remove “Windows Defender Security Center” scam alert

While browsing web-pages, you may see “Windows Defender Security Center” pop-up window stating that your computer is infected. In reality, it’s not a system application it’s merely scam alert in form of GIF animation which is caused by PUP (potentially unwanted program). So rest assured, you got nothing to worry about.