How to remove Real Free Keylogger

Real Free Keylogger is a computer program that tracks each keystroke without user’s knowledge and records this data to a separate file. After the assembly of all required data, the program forwards them to a specially configured address. The program is used mostly by parents, employers and teachers. For instance, concerned parents, using this method, can trace children’s Internet activity. However, malefactors also never miss an opportunity to use the features of Real Free Keylogger.

How to remove Amazon 1Button App

Amazon 1Button App is a browser extension that, according to developers, lets users know about all online shopping deals and discounts. Nevertheless, IT security specialists classified Amazon 1Button App as an adware program. Well, it’s no wonder, since the program is installed without user’s knowledge and consent. It should alert you, of course. After installation, Amazon 1Button App starts to analyze browsing history in order to display you relevant ads based on the visited pages or search queries.

How to remove “Your version of Bing is out of date” pop-up

As is known, the advertising is the motor trade. This also applies to Internet advertising as it is the primary source of revenue. You will easily convince yourselves by visiting almost any website. Obviously, cyber-criminals couldn’t help paying attention to this. There are a lot of malicious programs based on this kind of advertisement. In this article we’ll look at one of these which called “Your version of Bing is out of date” pop-up. Cyber criminals lure users using name of legitimate search engine by Microsoft.

How to remove SavingsCool

What is SavingsCool? SavingsCool is advertised as a useful extension that will display various discount coupons and competitive prices within your browser window. However, benefit of it is questionable. You be the judge, this deceptive application generates the huge amount of intrusive advertisements without your consent. We need hardly mention that this not only reduces … Read more

How to remove Weather Hub

What is Weather Hub? Weather Hub is a potentially unwanted program that promotes as a weather forecast tool. Though, it’s not a virus, this deceptive application can significantly diminish your browsing experience and even system security. After installation, Weather Hub forcibly assigns your homepage and default search engine to The fake altered search results, … Read more