Are you looking for the best trojan remover?

Trojan is a kind of computer virus that can infect any computer any time. This virus is very widespread. You can get it, downloading and installing some freeware, visiting some malicious webpages and even just opening the e-mail letter addressed from your friend. Trojans are very cunning programs because they hide themselves in the system. … Read more

How to block pop ups in different browsers

Advertisements in pop ups are considered to be the most annoying types of ads. They exist on many websites that you can visit. There are different toolbars, add-ons and other browser extensions that installs into a browser and shows numerous pop ups. Users usually complain of the appearance so bright and unexpected pop-up windows with … Read more

How to stop pop ups in your browser

The main aim of all pop ups is to attract user’s attention to some goods and services that are offered in them. All the shown goods are advertised, because their companies paid money to the creators of different browser add-ons. The presence of pop ups in browsers is very annoying and in order to save … Read more