How to remove BlackMist and decrypt .blackmist files

BlackMist is a ransomware-type virus mainly focused on English-speaking users.
The only purpose of BlackMist is encrypting personal files contained on computer blackmailing the user subsequently. In order to do this, the AES encryption algorithm is used that makes your files unavailable without decryption key.

How to remove

The replacement of default search engine with is the main sign of infection with browser hijacker. The user will probably wonder how it got on computer. Actually, it is used a simple and at the same time deceptive way – bundling, when user doesn’t opt out from additional services while installing.

How to remove

If shows up when searching, it means you got an infection, browser hijacker, to be exact. This one commonly ends up on a system by means of another applications when user doesn’t opt out from additional services while installing. All your search queries will be processed by afterwards, but that’s not all.

How to remove Finglish

Finglish is an advertising program that affects browser destroying stable work of. There are many similar applications wandering down internet since they are easy to develop. Of course, it’s also an easy way to earn money, since they generate a profit both for showing ads and each click on.

How to remove pop-up

The appearance of pop-up window is caused mainly by advertising program. This one inspires users that they have a chance to win a jackpot. In fact, it’s just a hoax as its main aim is to gain more profit via advertising.