How to remove MyImageConverter

MyImageConverter is presented as a tool that is able to convert image files directly from browser. However, it’s just an adware which is hidden in the guise of useful application. So, it will ruin your browser configurations as well as spoil it with redirects and bunch of ads. Read more [...]

How to remove Eng-Vi Extension

Eng-Vi is a browser extension that can cause user many troubles. This malware was designed by developers and commonly distributed via bundling method as well as cracks, torrents, porn sites, and illegitimate software. The main sight of infection with Eng-Vi is constant redirections to that itself contain malicious scripts, and therefore, there is risk to get more viruses. Read more [...]

How to remove The Game Finder

The Game Finder is a web portal where any user can play the casual games for free. That sounds tempting, isn’t that? However, developers spread their games for a reason, they makes money in a such way through advertising. Read more [...]

How to remove Taboola

Taboola is a web-service claiming to increase popularity of your products and services by attracting new clients. This is done through the advertising on third-party web-sites. In fact, the only one who will see an advertising is you as, according to computer experts, Taboola is adware. Read more [...]