How to play Dyson Sphere Program on Mac OS

Can you play Dyson Sphere Program on Mac? Dyson Sphere Program is a space simulation strategy game where you will have to build your own space factory. Every playthrough is unique, as far as Dyson Sphere Program uses a procedure generation and it makes us face various problems and use various game styles. Moreover, Dyson Sphere Program requires strong management skills, because you will control not only one factory, but you will also manage resources of planets, forming interstellar transport teams! Read more [...]

How to transfer all data from iPhone to Android

How to transfer photos from iPhone to another smartphone? Sometimes you need to transfer some photos, videos, or other data from iPhone 5/6/7/8/X/11/XR to an Android device, and it is a real headache! So many different programs and clouds, and all they are usually incompatible with each other, and with different devices. For exchange between iPhones to Android devices, some people use mail or WhatsApp, but it's not so fast and easy when you have tons of files. At the same time, sometimes it's Read more [...]

How to download photos from iCloud to Mac

Why do you need to download photos from iCloud? Nowadays, Apple Incorporation provides its customers with a great variety of services. Among such useful features is iCloud service. Every Apple user knows, that this service gives an opportunity to keep photos and videos on special cloud. Such files, as the rule, are uploaded to the service automatically. However, the available space memory is not unlimited. In this case it becomes very important to download your photos on physical drive. And if you Read more [...]

The best ways to backup photos on Mac

How to make backup of iPhone on Mac OS If you wish to make a backup of your iPhone 5/6/7/8/X/11 data, you may use different software for these purposes: iTunes or iCloud. However, it's not so easy even for advanced users to make backups of iPhone on Mac OS and it goes without saying, that the opposite action - to recover data from Mac OS on iPhone/iPad is much more difficult. At the same time, it will be smart to have such a backup, as there is always a risk to lose your important and sentimental Read more [...]

How to remove Tarmac PUA from Mac OS

What is Tarmac? Tarmac is a Potentially Unwanted and Potentially Dangerous Application (PUA), that is a part of malicious attack that aims at collecting information about the user of Mac OS. The infection begins with the advertisement, that redirects you to the malicious website. This role plays Shlayer malware, then it shows a user the pop-up window, that asks to update the Flash player. If the user agrees, Tarmac installs without any problem, as it has official Apple signatures. When it's in the Read more [...]