Best ways to speed up Mac

Best ways to speed up Mac

  1. Why did my Mac start to work slowly?
  2. How to speed up Mac by Cleaning System Cache?
  3. How to speed up Mac by Cleaning up Mac’s hard drive?
  4. How to speed up Mac by Removing malware?
  5. How to speed up Mac by Removing files that you do not need?

Why did my Mac start to work slowly

It’s no secret that Mac system is the most convenient and fastest system, which is why at this time more and more people prefer to use Macbook. However, Macbook is not protected from problems, like any other system. If you suddenly noticed that your Mac began to work slower or worse, you need to speed it up. About why your Mac began to work more slowly and how to speed it up, read our article.

How to speed up Mac?

Despite the fact that Mac is the fastest system of all, there are times when you want the system to work even faster. How to speed up Mac?

Find resource-hungry processes

find resources-hungry processes
Your Mac may run slowly due to some other applications that absorb energy since they are more energy-intensive. You need to understand what kind of applications they are, whether you need them. For this you need to find them. To do this, use the Activity Monitor, which is located in the Utilities folder in the Applications folder, or use Spotlight.

Clean System Cache

Clean system Cache

Cache is a temporary storage location used to speed up processes. Over time, all your actions in Mac populate the system, and unnecessary files that take up space can be stored there, so this can affect the performance of the system. How can you clean System Cache?

  1. You can clean it manually (Open Finder and select Go > Go to Folder
    Type in ~/Library/Caches and hit Enter
    Backup the folders if you are worried about something going wrong
    Keep the folders, but go into each one and delete the files inside)
  2. You can use CleanMyMac or Combo Cleaner.

Clean up Mac’s hard drive

Unfortunately, the MacBook has very small hard drives, so cleaning your hard drive is the easiest way to speed up your MacBook
Hard drive

Delete malware

Delete malware

If your Mac is slow, then you may have downloaded some kind of harmful application that you need to get rid of urgently. How can you do it?

  1. Go to the Downloads folder and delete all the installation files or files that will cause you an alarm, and delete them from there.
  2. If you couldn’t manage to remove the virus manually, use special programs that will help you CleanMyMac or Combo Cleaner.
  3. Delete files that you do not need

    Delete files that you do not need

    Use cloud storages and external HDD to take the pressure off your main drive. Or you could replace it with an SSD to add speed.

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