How to remove SniperSpy keylogger

SniperSpy is a commercial keylogger (trackware) that records every keystroke you make, catches your usernames and passwords for accounts, tracks your online conversations, watches which websites you visit, make screenshots of your screen and more. Sniper Spy may be a severe violation of your privacy, because it puts your financial and personal data at high risk. SniperSpy may be programmed to email this activity log to person that installed SniperSpy. Remove SniperSpy keylogger immediately for being sure that your life on the internet is not controlled by someone with bad intentions toward you!

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Search and remove following files:

  • config.exe
  • ins.exe
  • regsvc32.exe
  • upx.exe
  • kbrhook.dll

Delete registry keys:

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\SniperSpy (Trial)_is1

Some of files created by Sniper Spy keylogger might be loaded in memory while platform is running without antivirus protection. SniperSpy keylogger is quite small so it is not easy to detect it in Task Manager. Although Sniper Spy keylogger seek information that can be instantiated as private using keytrokw recoring and snaphots. Sniper Spy keylogger can be classified as spyware, but it is represented as legitimate software.

Sniper Spy keylogger can be installed and configured by person who have access to your computer (parents, boss, wife, collegue) and by remote user (hacker) through trojans. To protect your PC from being infected with SniperSpy is not an easy task really, you need to have antivirus that have keylogger protection or special anti keylogging software that can detect keystroke logging. Kapersky internet Security has such protection, alo you can use free antikeylogger from Spyshelter. What to do if you already got Sniperspy on you PC and want to remove it? Use information about files and processes known to be created by Sniperspy and remove it manually. Otherwise, ue SniperSpy Keylogger Removal Tool suggested on this page. It can detect traces of this spyware, kill its main process and remove core and leftover items belonging to SniperSpy.

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