How to remove Family KeyLogger

What is Family KeyLogger?

Family KeyLogger is a legitimate spyware program for tracing users’ activities on computers. It expected to be used by employers and parents; however, anyone can install and use Family KeyLogger for spying on anyone else. Hackers and your coworkers might use it to spy on your private life and private data such as passwords and other security information without your knowledge. If your security and privacy are important to you, then you might be interested in detecting possible spyware activities on your PC and looking for ways to remove Family KeyLogger as well as any other spyware overlooking your private life.

family keylogger

How Family KeyLogger can get into your system? Basically, it requires manual installation and might be installed only by one who has an access to your system. However, other malicious programs might help Family KeyLogger to sneak in with other bulk downloads in the hope that with a bulk program and media installation user might make mouse clicks without paying close attention to all alike confirmation procedures.

How can you find out that Family KeyLogger is installed?

Family KeyLogger is designed to be invisible. You might need special scanners to be installed and run to make sure that keyloggers aren’t spying on you. One of the reasons to check this on might be unusual slowdowns and frequent lock short ups that you notice while working with your system. If your system is quite loaded, then the signs of screen capturing spyware bundled with keyloggers and sending keystrokes to files cause some delays during processing that you might notice.

How to remove Family KeyLogger?

Automatic removal

Before you can uninstall Family KeyLogger, you need to know that this program is installed onto your PC. Since any keylogger is hidden from user’s view, it is not easy to find it somewhere. Since the program is considered to be a legal one, normal antivirus programs wouldn’t alert on its presence. Special tools for spyware removal might help to detect its presence and remove Family KeyLogger from your PC.

Manual removal

You can remove Family KeyLogger manually. For this you need to stop Family KeyKogger processes and delete files that belong to this program. Although it is not that hard to remove some registry keys with registry editor, this task should be done very carefully since errors might be fatal to your operating system. So, be careful and backup registry keys that you want to remove just in case of unexpected problems. If your do not have experience in working with windows tools, then you better use a help of experienced person or use other means of Family KeyLogger removal.

Kill Family KeyLogger Processes:

  • ctfmon.exe
  • familykeylogger-setup.exe

Delete Family KeyLogger Registry Keys:

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run@^CTFMon
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\FamilyKeyLogger

Unregister Family KeyLogger DLLs:

  • ctfmon.dll

Remove Family KeyLogger Files:

  • ctfmon.exe
  • familykeylogger-setup.exe
  • ctfmon.dll

If the suggested procedures aren’t clear, than inexpensive removal tool will be more productive way for you to go than wasting your time for gathering information, learning and going through manual removal process. Your time might worth more than a program that will easily remove Family KeyLogger from your PC.

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