How to remove Widestep Elite Keylogger

What is Widestep Elite Keylogger?

Widestep Elite Keylogger is a legitimate keylogger and screen capturing program used for tracing users’ activities. For example, it might be used for parental control or employer’s control or tracing users’ activities in internet cafés and etc. Though, Widestep Elite Keylogger might be used by hackers to spy on anyone in the hope to get passwords and other security information. Certainly, you would prefer to remove Elite Keylogger and other spyware from your PC. You can think of other ways that can hurt security and privacy. If this things matters to you, then you might be interested in detecting Widestep Elite spyware present on your system and ways that help to remove Widestep Elite Keylogger and other spyware programs from your PC and prevent someone out of sneaking on your private life.

You can use the fast method that will remove your keylogger, you can download the special removal tool right from here:

How Widestep Elite Keylogger can get into your system?

This program requires installation process, and it might be installed it two different ways. It might be installed as any other computer application and visible to system utilities such as Add/Remove programs, and it might be installed in invisible mode when it is not possible to detect presence of this program with usual means and uninstall Widestep Elite Keylogger.

widestep elite keylogger

How to find out that Widestep Elite Keylogger is installed?

If Widestep Elite Keylogger is installed as invisible spying program, then you might need special scanners for spyware to be installed and run for being sure about spyware programs presence. One of the reasons for checking your PC with antispyware tools are unusual slowdowns and frequent lock ups that you can notice while working with your system. If you have many different applications open, then screen capturing spyware and keyloggers sending keystrokes to file storage might cause noticeable short delays.

How to remove Widestep Elite Keylogger?

If you installed Elite Keylogger in visible mode or only Logs Viewer:

If Elite Keylogger is installed in visible mode, then you can easily remove it with your Add/Remove Programs utility, or you can use its uninstaller directly from a link or button present in the GUI.

With Elite Keylogger installed in visual mode:

It is more difficult to get rid of Elite Keylogger installed in invisible mode on your PC. Before you uninstall Widestep Elite Keylogger, you need to know that it is present in your system. This program is considered to be legal, and so your antivirus software wouldn’t alert you on its presence. You might need special antispyware tools for detecting this program. When you detect it, you can remove Widestep Elite Keylogger from your PC with the removal tool.

To remove Widestep Elite Keylogger manually, you need to stop Family Keylogger processes and delete files that are needed for it’s working. Although it is not hard to remove registry keys with registry editor, this process should be done carefully because errors in system registry might make your operating system inoperable. Use backup for registry keys that you need to remove. In case of unexpected problems you will be able to restore your system. If your experience in work with windows tools is tiny, then you better use someone’s help or use automated ways of Widestep Elite Keylogger removal.

Kill Widestep Elite Keylogger Processes:

  • ek_setup.exe
  • windump.exe

Delete Widestep Elite Keylogger Registry Keys:


Unregister Widestep Elite Keylogger DLLs:

  • mciole.dll

Delete Widestep Elite Keylogger Files:

  • ek_setup.exe
  • windump.exe
  • mciole.dll
  • usbkbd.sys
  • tdiip.sys

Note: Normally these files are located in C:\Windows\System32 or C:\Winnt\System32)

Remember that if you aren’t familiar with system administration and needed removal procedures are kind of hard to you, then your time worth more than the cost of a program that can help you easily remove Widestep Elite Keylogger from your PC without effort and risk to your system.

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