Restart print spooler and solve the problem

Print spooler is a special service that binds your printer and computer and transfers the documents to the printer to print them. If this service works properly, then your printer will print everything that you want, but if there is any malfunction of print spooler service, then you will not get any printed materials. It is impossible to print anything until you will restart print spooler service and solve its problem. Usually I advise people to reinstall print spooler with the help of a special program: Printer Spooler Fix Wizard. This unique program is much effective than its analogs, because it specializes in solution of all possible print spooler malfunctions that can happen due to some different reasons. You can download Printer Spooler Fix Wizard, using this link:

This special software will help you to get rid of different print spooler error messages in one click. This Fix Wizard is able to fix your print spooler in case when it was caused by the consequence of corrupted registry settings or malfunction of some legitimate Windows components. For some difficult issues, this program is supported with Live Support that knows for sure how to clear print spooler and how to start print spooler and how to eliminate the reason of print spooler malfunction.

restart print spooler on your computer

Printer Spooler Fix Wizard will restart print spooler automatically in the case if it is needed and also it will detect the reason why the service stops and dispose it. After usage of this program your documents will be send to the printer without any problems and will be printed.

If you want to clear print spooler by yourselves, then you can use this automatic method and download Printer Spooler Fix Wizard from this page or use the manual instructions that are described below. Frankly speaking the automatic tool saves your time and effort.

If you’d like to know how to stop print spooler and to start it again manually, without usage of this user-friendly Fix Wizard, then you are welcome to use the instructions:

  1. Clear the spooler queue.
  2. Restart print spooler service, using two commands in Command Prompt:
    net stop spooler
    net start spooler
  3. Scan your computer for viruses and remove them, if there are any.
  4. Restore your system.

In order to perform the instructions fully, you should be logged in as an Administrator. Also I should warn you that manual method is not as effective as special Fix Wizard and the annoying error can appear again and again. Sometimes users have to clear print spooler several times a day in order to print anything. Printer Spooler Fix Wizard helps to forget about this error once and forever.

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