How to transfer videos from iPhone to Laptop without iTunes

How to transfer videos from iPhone to Laptop without iTunes

File transfer is not as simple as it should be, that’s why a lot of iPhone users are trying to figure out how to transfer their data the simplest and fastest way. Well, if you are looking for answers to this question, then you are in the right place! First of all, let us clarify that sometimes iTunes is not the most convenient method to transfer videos, photos or any other media from iPhone to Laptop/PC. There is not doubt that iTunes can be helpful, yet some of its features are neither easy-to-use, nor handy for a big number of iPhone users. That is the main reason why you may find our guide helpful because you may use different approaches mentioned in this article to solve the issue. In this tutorial you may find instructions on how to transfer videos from iPhone to Laptop without iTunes.

How to transfer videos from iPhone to Laptop without iTunes

Article’s Guide

  1. Use Automatic Solution
  2. Use iCloud method of data transfer
  3. Use Windows Files Explorer
  4. Email your files

Use Automatic Solution to transfer videos from iPhone to Laptop

We have a comfortable and modern solution, that can help you to transfer your videos between all your devices and operational systems freely. AnyTrans app have a wide range of functions: you can export videos from iPhone or iPad to computer, and also from computer or laptop to iPhone/iPad, get any data from iTunes, iCloud, to another Clouds: Samsung Cloud, Mi Cloud, etc., to PC/Mac, external drives and editing items on your device from the computer.
You can share your videos without any limitations and manage all your clouds from Laptop. Moreover, Anytrans allows you to manage your videos, music, and ringtones, download any data files to remote Android and iOS devices through wi-fi or cable. Also, you can share your media between Android and iOS in one single app! AnyTrans is compatible with Windows 10 8, 7, XP, or macOS 10.13 – OS X 10.7.

Download AnyTrans

You may use our video guide on how to use AnyTrans to transfer your videos from iPhone to Laptop:

Installation and setting up

Click Download Anytrans button on your PC or Laptop. Then, choose your language and install Anytrans. You can follow the guide below to copy photos from iPhone to Laptop without iTunes.
Anytrans transfer from iPhone to external hard drive

  1. Run AnyTrans icon from your desktop and choose device manager
  2. Anytrans icon on a desktop

  3. Connect your iPhone with computer via iPhone lighting cable
  4. Anytrans will offer you to tap trust this computer – tap it on your iPhone, and press continue button on AnyTrans
  5. Allow to copy photos from iPhone to External Drive

  6. If you will be offered to download Apple device driver – accept it and then choose Content to Computer
  7. Iphone to PC files transferring

  8. Mark all types off content, which you want to transfer
  9. Different types of files for copying from iPhone to PC

  10. Choose export path
  11. How to transfer photos, videos, and other files from iphone to external hard drive

  12. Click Next button
  13. Final step for moving photos from iPhone to Windows Laptop

AnyTrans supports importing of Camera Roll videos, photos, PhotoStream, Photo Libraries, photos from iTunes, photo albums, etc. When the transferring process will be finished, all your photos from iPhone will be saved in the selected folder. Note, that trial version allows to transfer no more than 30 files per day. This solution is suitable for Windows XP/7/8/10.

Transfer videos from iPhone to Laptop with iCloud

You may transfer your data by synchronizing it from your iPhone to your laptop/computer through the Apple iCloud feature. To do that, you need to turn on iCloud on your iPhone, in case you don’t have this service on:

  1. Navigate to Settings;
  2. Click on your phone’s name;
  3. Choose iCloud;
  4. Select Photos;
  5. Now you should turn on iCloud Photo Library.

Once you have finished with iCloud settings, follow these instructions:

  1. Start iCloud app on your computer (if you don’t have one, you should download from the internet);
  2. Select Options next to Photos and turn on iCloud Photo Library;
  3. Check the Download new photos and videos to my PC feature, see if it is turned on. On this step you may also change the directory of storage folder on your PC. If you need to transfer your photos from Laptop to iPhone, tick the box near the Upload new photos and videos from my PC feature;
  4. Once you have finished, all your iPhone videos will be transferred to your Laptop when there is a WiFi connection.

transfer photos with iCloud

You may also do such transfer online, by using

  1. Open on your PC;
  2. Type in your Apple ID and sign in to iCloud;
  3. Select Photos feature;
  4. Choose videos you need to download from iCloud to your PC;
  5. Click on Download Selected items.

transfer photos with iCloud

Use Windows Files Explorer to transfer your videos

This method is one of the simplest, still we should mention that it will only work if there is installed iTunes.

  1. Plug a USB cable from your iPhone to your Laptop;
  2. Push Windows + E buttons to access File Explorer;
  3. Find and click on iPhone under This PC icon, then navigate to Internal Storage -> DCIM;
  4. Now you may copy any photos and videos you need. Just copy-paste to any folder or your desktop.

windows files explorer

Use Email to send videos from iPhone to Laptop

It may be not the most convenient way to transfer files, but it may help in case you need to drop some of videos or other data.

  1. Navigate to Photos on iPhone;
  2. Select the album and choose the videos you need to send;
  3. Click on the share button and select Mail;
  4. Type in needed information and Send those files;
  5. Now you may check your email and download photos on your Laptop.

send photos via email from iphone
send photos via email from iphone

Thank you for attention! We hope this guide was helpful for you. If you know any other useful methods – feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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