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How does it work?

Nowadays the question of getting money gets a great importance. Sometimes force majeure makes us get money before the payday in no time. It goes without saying, that it’s better to ask your relatives or friends, but what if there is no such possibility? The fastest way to get money quick in such situations is loan services. Many people think that such loans always have very high interest rates. However, such applications and services are very popular nowadays. Some of them doesn’t even take any commission for the operation. Moreover, it’s very convenient, as they give you an opportunity to get money only for a few clicks. That’s why we’ve decided to tell you about the best Payday Loan Apps! So if you need quick money, check our short review!

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  1. Earnin
  2. DailyPay
  3. PayActiv

What is a payday loan?

A payday loan is a short term agreement between you and the company, who gives you money. As the rule, such companies give you a small amount of money. On your turn, you undertake to return this sum once you receive the money. Such loans are usually characterized by the high interest rates. However, sometimes people are naturally forced to borrow money, as the pace of modern life sets its own rules. That’s why we’ve found top 3 services to get a payday loan.

Earnin Payday Loan Application

Earnin is the best choice for the payday loan. It works like a typical loan service, but unlike a payday loan, which charges fees every time you use it, Earnin doesn’t charge any fees. You can take up to $100 per day for the hours you actually worked. Then you can pay a small sum as a “tip” (up to about $15) and that’s it. Of course, in order to let you take the money Earnin needs to be able to track your working hours. On the payday, Earnin will take the amount from your paycheck. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Try Earnin now!

DailyPay Payday Loan Application

DailyPay has the same principles of work as Earnin. This payday loan service tracks your working hours and creates a balance of the hours you’ve already worked. Then you can transfer a sum from your balance to your bank account. DailyPay takes a small fee for the transaction. If it’s your payday, DailyPay simply cashes the sum out fro your check. It’s very simple! Try DailyPay now!

PayActiv Payday Loan Application

PayActiv is something more that a simple payday loan service. It’s a platform for the employers and employees. PayActive helps them to overcome various financial difficulties, which both parts of a business can face. With the help of this platform you can pay your bills, order from Amazon, get a business consultation, gives you an opportunity to access up to $500 of your earned wages and etc. Try PayActiv now!

CONCLUSION: these services will surely help you, if you have problems with money. As you see, some of these payday loan companies don’t even take a commission for their services. Moreover, it’s very fast and simple both to loan money and to return them! Try them right now!

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